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SkitzWeb.com: insanely high-quality, high-value services for ridiculous low prices.

We have been on the forefront of technology, business and marketing for over ten years — and we’ve never had a price increase. Prices for our digital products are either the same as last year or lower. From websites to content, brand development to search engine optimization (SEO), advanced software engineering to social media promotions, we have the best team in the industry.

We’ve been in the business of content creation and website design for a combined total of over a quarter of a century. In those decades, we have seen many content providers charge thousands of dollars for their services. Sometimes they take a month or longer to produce results. Way too long, right? That’s why you should put your trust in us.  Our content is created super fast and at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Believe us when we tell you that it is “professional quality.

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Standard 5 pages websites are only $599. You choose the pages. You choose or provide the websites contents. We produce the results. You own the content forever. No monthly fees. Nothing up our sleeves. No waiting for a month. Simple.

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Blog Posts. Website Content. Mission Statements. Copywriting. We have a team of real writers and a real editor who goes over everything before its released. We can write interesting and engaging content about any subject. Easy.

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Social Media Marketing goals? Need more likes or followers so you can impress people who come across your social media pages? Want to build a fanbase that you can market your product or services to? We can do that. Engaging.

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We make a detailed report of where your current search engine results status lie. We set up and action a plan to improve your organic reach so you can get your company in front of the highest quality leads with no monthly ad fees. Value.

Our years of expertise, training and advances have positioned us to assist you.

In this business, there are many freelancers who have limited expertise and low work quality because they don’t understand the full scope of skillsets needed to produce high-level results.

If you want to create a website, you can learn it with two or three hours of YouTube, WordPress, a WordPress theme and a little patience for the learning curve. The era of the internet is full of knowledge that can be understood by almost anyone. If you make more sites, your ability will improve.

Our’s has improved immensely over the years, so you can count on our team to produce high quality results every time, should you decide to have a professional build your website for you.

We had a limited amount of digital service knowledge, but dedication to do what we did understand the right way, at reasonable rates and teach others how to do the same thing on their own – should that be their desire. We still only offer products we understand how to put into practice correctly almost a decade later.

No company can know everything about every product, but we strive to deliver expertise for every product we sell. We have a deep understanding of every product category and are always learning new things.

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We only accept jobs that we know how to complete in a professional, timely manner.

Are you new to digital marketing? Don’t worry. We can do almost anything online! We’re experts in the digital space. If you have a digital strategy that needs a boost, we can help.

The day your business needs tough answers about online marketing is the day a professional digital marketing agency with an excellent team of experts can step in to help you. Regardless of what you’re looking for (and even if you aren’t sure), we have experience working with businesses like yours and know how to help them grow.


 At Lead Website Design, we take pride in our team members. Each one has a unique set of skills that gets better and more honed over time. Our company hires the best of the best, and we encourage every member of our team to dedicate significant time to learning new skills from each project they work on. We learn a lot from our customers, and we also get to witness firsthand how each member of our team develops their skills over time.

No matter what our roles, we strive to be honest and experts in our fields. Our writers are eager to make you look good online and our designers love a challenge. We are your dependable and reliable crew of modern day online architects.

When customers have an inquiry, they can expect to get answers now. Our staff is incredibly responsive and fast. Sometimes, however, a project requires outside assistance. We have contacts in our network of experts in all sorts of industries, so we’re able to solve any problem.

Our Team of Determined Influencers

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Kenneth S.

Creative Director

ali graphic designer
Muhammad Ali

Brand Management

joseph content writer
Aigbokie D.

Optimization Expert

Vineeth content writer
Vineeth V.

Content Marketer


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