Complete Guide to SEO Blogs and Some Backlinking Strategies


The Internet was born.

The Internet was first thought to be a passing trend, but people soon realized its vast potential. They began to register their own websites (first .coms). With each new website came a new level of freedom for users to express themselves online. People shared their photographs, uploaded their music, and wrote about their lives in great detail.

Slow But Steady Progress.

When people started getting used to the internet craze, they quickly established ways to show off their businesses or even personal goals online. This resulted in the creation of specific domain names for others to view. This practice seemed quite efficient and many businesses identified how useful it could be as a way to promote their unique products and services.

As the Internet grows, more and more people use it — stemming the need for search engines.

The internet was growing in popularity, so people needed a way to easily navigate websites and find information. Search engines were created to help people find the right website or information.

Nowadays, it’s easy for Internet pioneers to find websites online and gather details about them. Internet pioneers began to call their tools “search engines.” These search engines use complicated algorithms to categorize the details of each site that’s found online.

Once the crawler was indexed, they needed to query it to find only important phrases and words. For this, they would have to index all the details right on the World Wide Web. Additionally, they had to make sure that it could be recalled on demand.

It even required a certain level of authority and relevance to be assigned to the keyword that was to be used for searching the database. In other words, the content had to be ranked for gaining the best results on the searched term as it appeared on the tip list of websites after the search was over.

The Rise of Search Engine Optimization.

Google became a household name as the main search engine in the United States. It was created by two Stanford graduate students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Ranking well on Google for certain keywords became ever more important as more and more people used it to search online.

In addition to this, business owners wanted to figure out the common procedures and tactics search engines used to populate their best results. Based on these procedures and tactics, preliminary insights would be done to know where the website was ranking and how it can get the highest rank in search engine results.

SEO Made Simple.

Does SEO sound a little like black magic? Here is some news: It is not. To succeed in it, you must first understand the basic details of SEO. Here are some starting points to learn about search engine optimization.

Google Blog

This blog will never get too redundant. It is always updated. Plus, it is a 100% accurate information providing platform that you must read. This means that you can find the latest news and trends from Google easily.

Search Engine Land

Among the most popular SEO blogs, you might encounter it at the top of your search results. This is commonly the first blog to post new stories and information about a single topic. Thus, any query you have may be easily answered in this blog.

Search Engine Watch

For SEO, check out this blog. Search Engine Land has been one of the top SEO experts. They have a domineering design and are easy to navigate. The Search Engine Watch also adds extra details and more information to their online publication..

Search Engine Journal

This is a great blog that thrives on guest contributions. Guest contributors are able to share their opinions, videos, and great comments almost every day! It covers all the buzzworthy news events in an entertaining way.


Trusted by millions, Moz is the ultimate guide for those looking to get started in the world of search engine optimization. The online community has been around since 2004 and publishes detailed materials for beginners. They also cover advanced topics for professionals, such as small business owners. Unlike blogs where writers stop at sharing information with just their audiences, Moz is dedicated to helping readers who are looking for a better web presence..


Don’t miss this blog as it’s a huge focus on metrics and data. It covers general topics that are similar to SEO, and even beyond the scope of SEO. Each week you can come across various articles that will enlighten you on how to improve your SEO knowledge, or that will enhance your SEO experience. This is an especially cool blog because it puts a huge focus on metrics and data.

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Higher Visibility

Blogs that focus on SEO are like unicorns. They’re either hard to find or don’t exist. But you can find one. This blog is all about actionable SEO tips that can help you improve your website’s position in search results, add relevant content that will draw visitors, and more. If you’re trying to find a blog for SEO tools and best practices, then look no further than this blog.


SEMRush is just more than a blog. Since they know a lot about SEO, it is common to find their articles written by guest authors. They are some of the most knowledgeable experts on the digital marketing business. If you are looking for a company that understands what it takes to be the best SEO site auditor, you should definitely visit SEMRush. These guys absolutely know their stuff and writing content to reflect that understanding is second nature to them.

Content Marketing Institute

This blog site offers great advice on content as it pertains to search engine optimization. It’s a fantastic resource for online marketing content. This blog site is the best because it will help you focus on your content. Besides being an excellent blog, it provides useful advice and tips for improving SEO practices.


The best part of this online marketing blog is that it has a really conversational tone. The content is humanized, making it easy to understand. These articles are filled with SEO advice and other types of marketing advice as well.

Various Kinds Of Backlink Ideas: A Quick Outline

Online Directories

Think of online directories as the 411 or Yellow Pages of the internet. These sites are generally considered old and not authoritative, yet people visit them. Platforms like Yelp and Trip Advisor have changed the game for online directories. Brands can also use these platforms to their advantage, in addition to well-known sources like Google Maps and Foursquare.

One method that’s often discussed on the SEO Experts forum is by listing websites on blogs or in directories. Blogs and directories play a vital role in categorizing websites correctly, so it’s important to keep in mind that Google rankings won’t be harmed, and depending on the authority of the directories website – you might see a boost in your rankings.


Save time by using an SEO software that can create thousands of backlinks to your website within minutes. While it’s convenient, Google doesn’t always rate these links highly.

In the early days of the web, social bookmarking was a form of acceptance. But it wasn’t very reliable because it could be easily corrupted by automated software. Today, bookmarks are more relevant than ever before. They help customers find information that will help their business and lead to new conversions.

Footer Links And Blog Roll

Aside from this, there are paid backlinks that do not bring much value to the search engine. These kinds of links can be found all over the Internet, but they may be very expensive so they are not as effective than links coming from credible sites. Ultimately, the search engine will favor the links that come from more authoritative sites.

Building Links the Right Way Is Important.

If you want to improve your search rankings, create great content and boost traffic, try link building. Link building presents the value of your content and the importance of your website. SEO link building can increase website reach, which will help direct visitors who are struggling to find what they’re looking for.

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