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Previous Projects: Lead Website Design

Here are some recent projects – click the links to go to the websites. Some websites are no longer available because they were taken down or sold by the owner. The working ones are indicated in orange text. If you want to find the old ones, try the Wayback Machine! It’s free to use and shows screen shots of websites past.

masters lease website design project

Lease to Own Furniture and Electronics Store with 5 Locations. Website has application process for customers and sends the application to the nearest store to the new prospective customer.

bazadee sports website design project

Sports based complete social media network. Friends lists, groups based on what position you played in high school or college or who your favorite team is. Chat built in. News feed of all your friends posts.

happy homes decks and sheds website design project

Faith based family owned and operated carpentry company. Designed the logo for them and the website. Website has hidden things like crosses that show up when the proper image is clicked on.

agm interior cleaners website design project

Carpet Cleaning, Home and Office Cleaning and Car Detailing Company in Abilene Texas. Website features booking area for customers to book available times for services and pay for their bookings online in advance.

firehouse self storage website design project

Self storage company. Was at 80% capacity at the time of website release. Website included a place for customers to check availability of units and rent them online. They could put down deposits and make their payments. Went to overflow of capacity after the website we launched. 

concerts only website design project

Custom T-Shirt store. This company sells shirts that you would normally get at a concert in the parking lot being fenced by a shady guy for 20 bucks. We looked up and featured the top 100 rock bands of all time and made products accordingly. Later this company was acquired by a larger manufacturer. 

space box website design project

Spacebox was a website build for young children to young teens that had 45 custom games that they could launch from the home screen (pictured) and play for free. Required registration which gave email address for marketing purposes to sell games that had monetization built in. Lead magnet for young prospects.

management landscape website design project

Management Landscape is a company based out of Dallas Texas that has been around 20+ years but only operated off of mailers and word of mouth. After convincing them that the web had a lot to offer them in regards to potential customers we built this website featuring some of their beset work. They ended up gaining 20% more clients then normal with 3 months of SEO work.

pop society website design project

Pop Society is a clothing line for women. Its very flashy top of the line clothing that was the conceptual child of a young lawyer out of Dallas, Texas. Her and her sister wanted to get out of their 9-5 jobs and start their own online company. After contacting us about the design, we build it and showed them how to add and remove products, keep count of their inventory and accept payments from customers.

iveh website design project

IVEH is a telemedicine company based out of Malaysia that helps 3rd world countries get the health care that is not normally accessible to them where they live. They are able to log in to the website and start a live stream with a doctor who can help them and prescribe them the proper medication they need to get better. The website is also designed to accept donations on their behalf.

combest insurance website design project

Combest Insurance is a indirect insurance dealer based out of the Durant, Oklahoma area. Their website was built to make their lives easier instead of attracting new customers. They have over 20 forms built in for clients to send in insurance claims, make payments, sign up for insurance and choose their provider and inquire about their services. They simply direct people to their website every day to fill out the information needed to process their issue, claim or whatever it is they need.

SEO tools website design project

SEO-Tools is a website built to give free SEO tools to everyone on the web. It has over 40 SEO tools commonly used in the industry to help out SEO services providers and people who are getting in to SEO for the first time that want to help their website rank better on Google. The options vary from building backlinks to checking your websites titles and descriptions so you know exactly how your website appears in a Google search result.

this site may save your life website design project

This Site May Save Your Life is a survival prepper website that has consistent blog posts related to surviving particular situations. These range from surviving a shark attack to what to do during a pandemic. It also has a live counter on the top showing the death count from the Coronavirus in every country in the world.

auto soft systems website desgin project

This website was to introduce a new company idea to the automotive market. The concept is to work on and make programs for automotive infotainment systems that you now see in newer cars. This includes the navigation area of the car and the area that allows apps to be used such as Google Maps or iPhone Car Play. 

the home maid company website design projecdt

Concierge Service out of Dallas, Texas. This company offers everything from making reservations at a fine dining establishment to cleaning your condo once a week. The website has a contact page for prospective customers to contact the company and it also has a booking area so the new customers can check availability and make reservations.

sophia rahman md website deisgn project

This site belongs to a doctor out of Plano, Texas. She has a reservation area so her customers can come to the website and choose what service they need and book a time slot for that service immediately online. It also has a seperate area for COVID – 19 testing and allows bookings within 10 minute intervals.

support lead website design project

This is a link to our support area for our customers. It allows you to stay in direct contact with your website designer, graphic designer, logo designer or writer. You can also upload and download media for use in your projects, assign and view tasks on our to-do lists and see the progress of your project based on a 1-100% scale. This helps us to manage our daily tasks and communication with our clients.

lead website hosting website design project

This is our hosting service that we offer to all of our customers. We built this website and made the necessary connections to run a side business of hosting websites but we decided after some time doing it that we were better off referring customers to a better host with a solid reputation. The site is still live and you can buy hosting and register domains if you like. Its very cheap.

seo tools lead website design website design project

This is our take on the free SEO tool approach to help people rank their websites better on search engines such as Google. We feature over 50 SEO tools that allow you to perform various functions on your website like checking to see what your domain authority is  or even checking your websites value based on its Alexa traffic ranking.

seo addicts website design project

We created this website for a customer that had an idea for a marketplace for SEO service providers, website designers and other digital services industry personal. You could either post the task that you were willing to do for your choice of pricing or you could hire someone to complete their posted task. These micro jobs range from $1 to $999 in price.

turbo seo anaylzer website design project

This website does a website analysis on your website and tells you what is wrong with your website and how to fix it to rank better on Google’s search results. It has over 70 of Google’s ranking factors built in that it cross checks your website coding for and its 100% free for everyone to use. It also gives  you and estimated website value based on your SEO score and Alexa website traffic. You do have to create an account to access all features.

domain appraisal website design project

This website only does one thing. It tells you the value of your website based on other websites similar to yours on the internet and what they have sold for. It takes that information, your traffic information and your SEO score all together to come up with an estimate of what you could sell your domain for. Then you could list your domain and sell it or buy other domains you were attracted to on the website. A domain buy/sell/appraisal site.

concerts only blog website design project

This blog was made for the same people who owned ConcertsOnly.com. What made it interesting was that the blog was automated to populate posts from youtube and RSS sources. It would search the internet and YuoTube to find posts that were new and relevant to the keywords that we plugged into the pro9gram and post those articles on the blog without any need for human interaction. It helped sell shirts because the people reading about rock stars are the target market for the company. A lead magnet.

seo and website design blog website design project

Here is a blog that was created specifically for website designers and SEO service providers. It also auto populated articles for the viewers to read and did so based on the keyword phrases we plugged into the program. We later turned this blog into and app and that app is available now at 352SEO.com. We no longer run posts on the site, but we have free tools and lessons for those who want to learn free in our app. We never charge for knowledge. Drop us a line or contact us if you need help or are stuck on something. We can help.


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